Make White Brick Wall more Beautiful

Black And White Brick Wall
Black And White Brick Wall

The White Brick Wall more Beautiful beautify the walls of the House with brick walls and Brick Walls – natural stone could make the House look beautiful without having to buy expensive furnishings. The walls of the room can be adorned for the impressive atmosphere. Actually a lot of innovation that we can do to expose the wall so it appears other than ever before.

White Brick Wall Interior already began to be known by the public at large. Other than as a staple for remodeling or building a home, as well as the Strong Construction And be Display a unique Home. White Brick Wall also has a function for the decoration on the walls, no extra paint the wall again. The House that simple looks wonderful and beautiful display with White Brick Wall . So it’s no wonder many people now make red brick as the best option for their home.

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The white brick wall – in building a House, things that should not be missed is the fence built. As for the main function of this fence is very important because in order to protect your House from evils such as preventing a burglar who enters. If would like to make a fence, then choose a quality fence so that the wall could last a very long time. As for the best material to make a fence is a white normal use because exposé brick can be neat when compared with other types of stone. In order to obtain maximum results in making the fence, then you can use the technique of fabrication. While this is indeed making a brick traditional exposé no even rare.

However, making a home more durable fence certainly should by wearing a certain way. To earn a good railing as well as durable you could use white brick walls. As for the brick this white uga exposé you can apply on the walls of houses to exterior and interior design. If want to use as interior, then this could expose white brick you apply in a room, work room and family room. Next to the exterior design, can be installed as a fence or wall that is on the outside.

On the early popularity of the bricks as material for making walls of houses, many built houses made of bricks, but without plaster. So the form of the arrangement of bricks appears in sight. First, he did not pemlesteran the main reason was to reduce costs. Understandably, in the early 1990s the number of cement on the market has not been as it is now and the price is very expensive. There are even some houses made of white brick wall panels, prepared using clay.

However, now the trend build House wall without plaster appears again. However, for now more oriented on art and beauty. Modern house design, decorated with a classic home, where the accent wall bricks made without plaster, so that the texture and composition of bricks is clearly visible.

To beautify the look of white brick wall panels, brick installation fireplace possible. Then painting can do to embellish the colors according to taste of home owner. And well adapted to the interior color of the House as a whole.

On this occasion, White Brick Wall will share some pictures of the interior of the House with a brick wall without plaster, either in part or in whole. If we do the Setup and the arrangement of furniture in the House, it turns out that the brick walls are exposed can give a touch of typical rural home of beauty in the days first.

White Brick Wall Background
White Brick Wall Background

So the fence of the House not overgrown by MOSS then you can do the painting process. Moreover, it can also make the brick exposé has high humidity because of being in a tropical climate. Currently, it is the exposed brick indeed can be encountered in the home that use the modern concept with the dominant white color. Due to the exposed brick walls of white is also the one part of the beauty of the room interior or exterior. And when installing this fence to expose brick home, then always try so serapi probably fence is part of the House was seen first by the people. For that, you can also get it in white exposes brick seller brick exposé in white with high quality and at a price that is also affordable.

In addition to brick red, there are also white brick could be the next choice. As we discussed earlier that a white brick has its own advantages. I.e.

The above is part of the House that uses white brick. The House looks brighter with this white brick. Combined contrasted with bright furniture, made of fresh living spaces when entering this House.

Same thing with red brick, white brick can be an option to decorate your favorite bedroom. The location of the bed near the window, can be an inspiration to you. To enjoy the morning sun when the day e.g., wake up, and let the light penetrate your room. With white brick adds brightness to your room.

White Brick Wall Interior
White Brick Wall Interior
White Brick Wall Panels
White Brick Wall Panels

Brick is resistant to its white color on the fire so that it does not burn easily in case of a fire. In addition any extreme weather will not affect the quality of the bricks the color white.
Made from cement
Different from other brick made of clay. White brick made of cement so that it will not be covered by Lichen and mushrooms. Moreover, going on the bricks of white color.
For those of you who live in urban areas should use a brick color white with soundproof. In the city tend to be more noisy, let alone your home is on the edge of the highway.
Bigger size
White brick has a size larger than bricks. Thus making your home will be quickly completed and will stand fast. In doing so you will also save costs in building the House.

White bricks also have almost the same function with red brick. And the size of the larger white brick red brick mem

How the installation of White Brick Wall

– Note the brick to be used, the usual brick or brick press. Because it would be sweeter if you use brick press of ordinary bricks. Impression, if you use an ordinary brick, like the House unfinished.
– The type of mixture should not be less than 1pc: 4PS, to maintain connectivity.
– Type Thickness observed between 2-3 cm for a regular brick and brick press is smaller, because it will affect – display the results.
– The installation must be done by an experienced handyman
– Pay attention to neatness and appearance overall installation
– Use waterpass to get the same height and the area of a flat surface.
– Installation of the brick is done in stages a maximum height of 1-1.5 metres at any stage.

White Brick Wall decorations with natural stone

Natural stone material is one of the alternative options in addition to the brick walls. Currently the more popular natural stone. The concept of “back to nature” is still sold as a design theme housing. Utilization of natural stone for the walls of the House make the display adjacent to the residential nature. In addition to the cool, natural stone also makes a beautiful home nuanced nature.

It sounds cool and neutral, all natural stone can be adapted to any style home, either classic or modern minimalist. Some say the aura of natural stone can shed fatigue from all kinds of routines. If we want a little jelly, spa, generally nuanced nature, most of the exposure to natural stone.

How to installation of natural stone for White Brick Wall

– Before it was installed, natural stone must be soaked in water. Because natural stone has large pores so that when pasted directly off the usually easy
– When will be installed on the wall of random surface, Peel the walls of natural stone will be more strongly attached to the wall
– Use of special cement
– Natural stone have a precision that does not fit. Irregularities in the size of the natural stones can reach 5 mm or even 1 cm. When it’s put it this way, the result can be sure won’t neatly. Because it looks right stone at the time of the purchase and use of precision welder with experience in fixing natural stone
The relative weight of natural stone – so you need more good quality cement, sand and clean water as a ‘ glue ‘ paste. The lower the quality of the mortar, the easier the stones off. Make sure the mortar is applied evenly on the surface of the stone will be affixed not only Central
– Do not let the former cement on the surface of the stone to dry. The stone has a porous nature (water sucking) so that when the cement stone at the surface only needs to dry, it will be very difficult to be eliminated.
– After mounting, the surface rocks brushed dry. Then cover with a liquid coating. When the exposed rock surface water will be anti-mold and mildew and glazed up to half a year. If the course is always dry longer.

The exposed White Brick Wall of the House With natural stone and Brick Wall Design Ideas Awesome With Red Sofa In the Apartment.

White Brick Wall Backdrop
White Brick Wall Backdrop
White Brick Wallpaper Kitchen
White Brick Wallpaper Kitchen

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